Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my closet !

i was appalled by my coat closet for a awhile now, i confess. picture opening a closet to see toys piled to you mid-thigh in a jumbled heap. this was it. but low and behold i bought a 5 dollar set of shelves of craigslist and it's beautiful now!!!

top- here you can see my thrifty sling hook- take one thrift store banana hook, unscrew the hook, then screw the base into the studs of the interior of your closet-


bottom- on the floor are our connections toys, which we check out new ones every two weeks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

calling all botinists!

what on earth has happened to my plant? i have had it for over a year, and look at the wierd mushroom like things//whats going on?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

where i have been

forgive me for not posting sooner.. i had a crazy last few days!
on thurs night i started getting bad abdominal pain. i woke up fri AM with more of the same . by 9:30 i decided i should go in to my doctor. however he was out of town. so i went to one of the urgent care places. the doc there said i was a classic appendicitis case. he sent me for a cat scan. then the surgeon sent me for surgery late fri night. i decided to come home from the hospital last night. all i can say is THANK GOD for painkillers..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

a morning of 4 boys (and a baby)

today Lucca went to my friends house and two of her boys (6 and 11) came over here.

here John makes blueberry muffins. he is great at following directions!

..meanwhile, rueben and kiryn played in the cultisack, getting dirty and "rockets"...

and sebastian "helped" me by washing dishes!

yummmmmm..finished product

then is was onto kiryn's favorite science experiement, volcano!

then more play with the bottle used in the volcano...

then onto lunch sprinkled with "spelling time"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A NOT rave review of Boggy Creek Farms ; a lament for the lack of family FRIENDLY outings

i will begin with quoted from boggy creek's website:

“Please leave dogs* and cigarettes ** in the car, but feel free to wander the gardens and visit the Hen House. Kids may enjoy playing in the dirt pile under the shady pecan tree, so have them dress accordingly.”

“Between us we have three children and wonderful grandchildren. They all love the farm, but are happily ensconced in their own lives. Although our grandkids can't be here every day, the children of our farm stand customers come on market days and play in the sand pile and observe the chickens. It's a wonderful thing to be able to share the farm with the next generation. “

So my tale beings two days ago when we (two friends and I ) decided to NOT to to Sweet Berry farms to pick strawberries, but instead go to our more local Boggy creek. Although i am an native Austinite, i have never been there. The web site made it sound great! So we went. Upon arrival it is overcast and has been sprinkling on and off all day. There are a few customers milling about, but everything is very tame. I purchase one box to pick strawberries in, and three small cabbages. 16 $ yikes! The strawberries alone were 5$ for a pint!!...” ok, this is for the experience, “ i tell myself , “the kiddos are loving this and i am supporting a local farm!

We pick, we buy (20 minutes) then we sit in the grass next to bench (put there to sit on/by i assumed) my four children are all within grabbing distance from me and we are munching on strawberries and pretzels...then up walks someone who works there and says “here”, handing us a slip of paper.. i am thinking it's like an invite or something..oh naivety!...It's not. The paper reads something like this. Peoples kids are not near their parents. Market days are too crowded. You need to just buy your stuff and leave.

I was FLABERGAUSTED to say the least. VERY FEW people (families) drive to farmers market, or FARMS to buy food and leave..especially when it is horribly overpriced and not even that good (the strawberries are actually bland as all get out). You go for the farm experience. I look at the chickens, play in the dirt, have a snack. This slip of paper was handed out to the other families sitting around, who had also just purchased many things.

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of this pervasive cultural attitude of keeping children out of societal view...wouldn't want to bother people with CHILDREN now...sheesh. Where can i take my kiddos and be welcomed?? playscapes seems to be the only option. It makes me sad to see a generation of children growing up kept away from real life experiences to convienience s.

So, Boggy Creek- if you don't want children to be at your farm except for a 15 minute purchasing window, i think I will just opt to go the grocery store where i can get strawberries 1.99 a pound. And, maybe you should post your little “message” on your website, so more people will know when they are not welcome. Today was my first and certainly LAST visit.

-Liz Paparella

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


today my friend took Kiryn to her house to do school with her son, and dropped off her two s (4 and 1) to play with my littles. another friend brought over her two s(4 and 2) and and we did preschool and play with them. we had a blast!

Monday, April 7, 2008

an hour on the couch- a photographic journey

sebastian is sick..again..someone is always sick..lol..and of course ALL he wants to do is nurse. nice for him!

so here i sit on the couch with nothing but a camera (plus three children ) to keep me occupied.

A decides that this is exactly where i should stay so she can nap...hence the grip on my shirt.

of course the chores begin to pile up....

kiryn perches next to us on the couch to work on his Sparks book.

and Lucca wanders over to show me what a good mommy she will make!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

they ended up taking 52 s out (so far) and we have not been called yet. the kiddos are still in some temporary shelter.

Friday, April 4, 2008

emergency placement

so CPS is taking somewhere between 18-80 children, mostly teen s out of some polygamist Mormon compound in Texas and needs placements sometime this weekend. we said we would take a 0-17....
wow i am excited! pray for us!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

the view out my kitchen window was beautiful today!

a little late- the party!

so on sat the 29th we had a (Very late) birthday party for Kiryn. it went off wonderfully- no rain till the minute (exactly 6 pm) the party ended!!!!!

here's the grub-
i made brisket and gabe grilled sausage. i made potato salad, homemade bread (and bought bread for those pallets)

two kind of tortilla chips (organic for kiryn!), deviled eggs, chips, goldfish-pretzel-raisin mix for the littles, guacamole, and salsa

yummy chocolate cupcakes!

the water balloon war

and squirt guns too!


friends hanging out

sensory table filled with rice for the littles...many of the bigs liked it too!!