Tuesday, December 23, 2008

big suprise-not

so the thirteen-year-old will NOT be going to the relatives for Christmas. the case worker swore up and down and backwards to me and and to her, and now it's not happening- i feel really bad for her :(
so now i have to go shopping today- in the MADNESS....
and when bubbles comes back into care we will not be able to take her (because of ratios). but i feel ok about this- i had a dream last night and I just knew we wouldn't be taking her.

we have fielded so many phone calls and appointments for this last placement , it is unbelievable! i am EXHAUSTED from talking to other grownups about every aspect of our lives. Doing foster care ls like being under a big fat microscope 24/7. It is so wearing... i am feeling bummed out from all this and the holiday rush and my kids are being pains in the - seriously! what is with them lately?

right now i am almost positive i don't want to take another placement again.

- and Sweepea had a visit with Grama and I talked with CW. she said she had no IDEA where the homestudy is .. mediation is the 6th, court the 12th. i know and she knows her head will roll if the homestudy is not completed by court. the judge EXPEDITED it for crying out loud!!


Jaguar Mama said...

I'm sorry to hear that Bubbles is back in care. Wow, what a roller coaster for everyone involved. I hope I have the stamina someday to take a ride on it! You rock!

mary grace said...

You know that I'm praying for you, right?

I have other friends who do fc that have said there's always ONE placement a year that makes them reconsider the whole thing. Sounds like this one is yours.

Liz said...

thanks for the prayer MG!